Text Analysis Across Domains Conference (TextXD)

TextXD Conference convene an interdisciplinary group of practitioners, researchers, learners, and entrepreneurs who work with text as a primary source of data, and who use computational text analysis in a wide range of disciplines. Every year, this 3-day conference features tutorials, invited speakers, panel discussions, and exciting research talks spanning theory, applications, and tools. We strive to bring together the scientists from different fields who noramlly woudln’t cross paths to share their expertise, knowledge, perspectives, problems and solutions with each other. We provide an inclusive platform to learn, connect, share ideas, and develop collaboations.

Tickets for our 2022 conference go on sale starting July 6, 2022

Meet top NLP experts and frontiers in a unique 3-days experience.

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Global Community

Join a cross-disciplinary community of text processing experts from academia, research, and industry.

Global Learning

Learn from experts and one another, through tutorials, and collaborative work sessions.

Global Research

Build deep understanding of advanced text processing data, algorithms, and software.

Global Innovation

Great Innovation almost never occurs within one field of expertise, but is almost invariably the product of synthesis across domains