TextXD Cancellation

Letter from Organizing Committee

Dear TextXD enthusiasts,

We are sorry to inform you that, in light of the ongoing UAW strike at the University of California, we have decided to cancel TextXD 2022, which was to take place on the UC Berkeley campus Dec 5-7.

As you may have heard, for the past two plus weeks, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and academic researchers at the University of California have been on strike to ensure that they are paid fairly and in accordance with the costs of living in California. The organizing committee of TextXD 2022 strongly believes that a living wage is owed to the thousands of people who keep many aspects of the University running on a daily basis. A considerable number of our presenters, participants, and co-organizers are students, post-docs, and academic researchers themselves; they know first-hand about the anxieties of increasing costs of living and the challenges of doing productive work in an economically challenging environment.

Today it seems that there is a good chance that the strike will continue into the week of Dec 5th. We do not want to hold the conference while the strike is on in the context of this struggle; similarly, we would not want to ask you to cross a picket line. For all of us, this is a sad decision, but we feel it is the right decision.

We recognize that many of you have incurred costs, including those for air travel. We hope that you will be able to get those costs refunded or at least credited to your travel account. Unfortunately, at this time, the TextXD committee does not have funds that we can commit for reimbursement of these expenditures. If you need an official letter of cancellation, we would be happy to provide such a letter.

That said, if you enrolled and paid your fees, those fees will be returned. At this point we do not know what the future of TextXD will look like, whether it will be virtual or in-person, but we promise you’ll be hearing more from us down the road.

Yours sincerely,

The TextXD 2022 Organizing Committee:

  • Niek Veldhuis (chair) - Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Ilya Akdemir - School of Law
  • Isaac Dalke - Sociology
  • Heather A. Haveman - Sociology & Haas School of Business
  • Ciera Martinez - BIDS
  • Timothy Tangherlini - Scandinavian Program
  • Maryam Vareth - BIDS & Innovate For Health
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    Organizing Committee

    Below are the NLP and data researchers who are planning TextXD 2022


    Niek Veldhuis

    Professor of Assyriology

    Heather Haveman

    Heather Haveman

    Professor of Sociology and Business


    Tim Tangherlini

    Professor of Folklore


    Maryam Vareth

    Research Lead of Health and Life Sciences


    Ilya Akdemir

    Graduate Student in School of Law


    Ciera Martinez

    Research Lead of Biology and Enviromental Science


    Isaac Dalke

    Graduate Student of Sociology